Help us raise money for our amazing teacher’s aides.


When West Lab teachers were asked what they needed most to better educate and serve our children, they requested teachers’ aides in their classrooms. The West Lab PTO heard their request loud and clear and created the ACT Fund, Aides for Classroom Teachers, to help raise money to provide a minimum of one teachers’ aide per grade level.

The ACT Fund is 100% funded by West Lab parents. The money raised goes to pay the salary of every aide on campus. We kindly ask for a $300 contribution per child, per school year, but will gladly accept anything parents are able to contribute. ACT Fund donations can be made in the following ways:

  • One lump sum of $300
  • 10 installments of $30 per month if enrolled in the payment plan by the July preceding the school year
  • 6 installments of $50 per month if enrolled in the payment plan by November

** All donations are tax-deductible

You can pay into the ACT Fund by check by leaving a check payable to West Lab PTO with a membership form in the Crab Crew box in the main office. You can also pay online through the PTO’s website at

Questions, comments, or suggestions?

Call, email, or text Liz Ferry at or 305-962-2835.